Senator Plays The DACA Movement Like A Game Of Chess

Sen Grassley from the Senate floor explained his criminal referral against Christopher Steele, author of the fake Trump dossier.

Grassley said that the FBI got referrals based on the dossier that was paid for and controlled by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, Grassley asserts that the dossier was used to get illegal FISA warrants since the information was unverified in 2016. Guess what? It’s still unverified in 2018. Grassley said his criminal referral of Steele is because what he told the FBI and what he testified to in a libel suit against him is contradictory.

Paul Sperry of the New York Post tweeted:

“BREAKING: Senate Judiciary chair Grassley today from floor of Senate explained that his criminal referral vs Steele is based on contradictions in statements he made in a UK libel suit against him & ones he made to FBI agents during briefings about the dossier he wrote for Hillary”

“Sen. Grassley: “We start by assuming government documents are true until we see evidence to the contrary. If those [FBI] documents are not true, and there are serious discrepancies that are no fault of Mr. Steele, then we have another problem — an arguably more serious one””

“BREAKING: Sen. Grassley today on floor confirmed that the anti-Trump, Hillary-funded, Russian-sourced dossier was “unverified in 2016,” when the Obama DOJ/FBI used it to obtain FISA (foreign espionage) warrants to electronically eavesdrop on Trump campaign advisers (US citizens)”

“DNC & Hillary Clinton campaign had contractual control over how the product they paid for was used & disseminated. That means Simpson & Steele had to first consult with Clinton campaign lawyers before taking the dossier to the FBI & to the media. Ergo, Hillary coordinated FBI hit”

“Senator Grassley in floor speech earlier today complained that “the FBI is falsely claiming” that a memo seeking a criminal referral on Steele for making false statements to the FBI contains classified information and therefore cannot be shared with the press or public.”

Grassley’s attack is a strategic one.

Either Steele lied to the FBI or in court over libel. The public deserves to know which one is true. In court Steele admitted that the dossier is filled with unverified facts. If he told the FBI they were verified then he deserves to be prosecuted but if he told the FBI it was unverified also, someone in the FBI lied to the FISA judge. Grassley’s speech was a way of trying to force the issue and with the public’s low opinion of the FBI, this could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

But Grassley is in a no lose situation here. If the FBI lied, it proves bias against the president but if Steele lied, it totally destroys the credibility of the dossier. My money is on the FBI lying. As a former spy, Steele knows how to protect himself by telling the truth rather than risk perjury charges.