Senate Democrats Cave Again: Dreamers Having Nightmares

The Senate Democrats are in complete disarray after had their butts handed to them by President Trump.

Their miscalculation of closing the government down over illegal aliens did not go as planned and instead angered people on both sides of the aisles, not to mention the Dreamers. To make sure they don’t make that mistake again, the Senate Democrats have decided to divorce illegal immigration from the budget process. They say that they are willing to make the budget a stand alone bill and they will deal with illegal alien amnesty after that.

From The Blaze

Last week, Senate Democrats insisted that a permanent legislative solution for “Dreamers” — the name given to recipients of former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA — had to be part of a temporary spending bill. President Donald Trump announced in September that the DACA program will end March 5.

When the Republican-authored stop-gap bill did not contain Dreamer language, Democrats blocked the bill’s passage Friday, which resulted in a government shutdown.

That led to the embarrassing surrender to the president’s wishes and makes their 2018 mid term election hopes sour a bit. It also relieves a good chunk of the possibility of another shut down but does not do away with it entirely. The Republicans are looking to fund the wall and increase spending on national defense but the Democrats are calling for an equal increase on social programs.

That would appear to be a major conflict with no easy resolution other than giving in to the Democrats which seems unlikely at this point.

The Democrats are running scared and they are desperate for some kind of victory after giving in to Trump on the shut down and now the seperation of DACA from the budget talks. Republicans should stand their ground and if anything toss the Democrats a small bone in order to pass a new budget without runaway spending.

It will be interesting to see how the DACA recipients and other illegal aliens react to this latest surrender by the Democrats. For that matter, how the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic party reacts to the latest news. They were angry when Chuck Schumer ended the shut down.