Secretary of State Gives Insight into Kim Jong-un

Up until now, all we knew about Kim Jong-un was nothing more than guesswork but after meeting with Kim twice, Mike Pompeo has formed some opinions of him through their interactions. It is always good to know something about those you are about to negotiate with, especially with something as important as nuclear weapons. That will help President Trump when he meets with Kin Jong-un next month in Singapore. There is a lot at risk but at the same time, there is a lot of room for hope.

A nuclear arsenal really isn’t a big advantage for North Korea, especially since it’s a huge drain on the treasury. And at the same time, the help he can get from the United State with modernizing their farming and improving the economy would be a huge deal for Kim, not to mention the lifting of sanctions. And of course it will also benefit the US with one less dictatorship with nuclear weapons and a possible ally at the UN, which we can always use.

From The Daily Caller

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described what North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is like in person during a Sunday interview with Fox News.

Pompeo described conversations with Kim Jong Un as “professional.”

“He knows his brief, he knows what he is trying to achieve for the North Korean people, he’s able to deal with complexity when the conversation requires it,” Pompeo said.

The Secretary of State also noted that Kim Jong Un pays attention to Western media, saying, “He does follow the Western press. He will probably watch this show at some point. He’s paying attention to things that the world is saying.”

Pompeo also noted that Kim Jong Un is preparing with his team for the summit with President Trump on June 12.

Pompeo was asked if he discussed the insults that flew back and forth between Kim and Trump, to which Poompeo replied that the subject has never come up.