Sarah Sanders Just Slapped CNN’s Jim Acosta on His Butt

At today’d news briefing from the White House, spokeswoman Sarah Sanders got into a battle of wits with Jim Acosta who only came half prepared. Sanders took questions ranging from the reauthorization of the FISA court, the imminent immigration bill, DACA and the Russia probe by the FBI. But as usual CNN’s Jim Acosta found an even more important question to ask. He wanted to know if President Trump watched Fox and Friends and tweeted about it. he asked if that happened this morning.

The president watches something on “Fox & Friends” and then tweets about it… There have been folks out there who have said there’s a cause and effect. He watches something on “Fox & Friends” and then tweets about it. Did that happen this morning and does that go on?

Sanders responded with fire and fury.

I’m sure you’re disappointed he’s not watching CNN.

Acosta responded by saying that the president watches a lot of CNN. Without missing a beat Sanders stared him down and said, “I don’t think that’s true. Your numbers would be higher.”

The entire press room let out a collective “Ooh”.

Acosta then claimed that “They’re actually better than they’ve been in a long time.” That’s actually true but what he didn’t say is that during 2017, CNN was being beaten by the Cartoon Network. So CNN does have better ratings than they did previously but they are still getting killed by their competitors.

By the collective “Ooh” from his peers, it seems everyone knows but CNN.