Leaker Who Revealed Trump Urged Not to Congratulate Putin in a World of Hurt

Reporter Sara Carter says that whoever leaked the memo from a White House meeting with Putin is about to be roasted alive… if caught. (Note to WH…DO NOT let Sessions investigate. He hasn’t caught one yet…On purpose?)

Several advisers urged the president not to congratulate Putin on winning reelection.

The funny thing is that the same Democrats who criticized Trump for getting tough with tiny North Korea to say he has to be extremely tough on Russia, a country that can nuke anywhere they want in the United States.

Sara Carter reports:

This was the specific warning President Trump’s national security advisors allegedly put in his notecards Tuesday before he called Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on a reelection that has been scrutinized throughout the world, according to sources who spoke to The Washington Post. […]

Trump, along with other senior White House staff, believe it was an inside leak and suspect it was coming from National Security Council staff, sources with knowledge stated. […]

White House officials will investigate the leaks and a senior White House Official told this reporter in a statement, “If this story is accurate, that means someone leaked the President’s briefing papers. Leaking such information is a fireable offense and likely illegal.”

“The notes were prepared for @POTUS by McMaster. I can’t for the life of me imagine who could have leaked them. It’s a head scratcher. ”


“Here’s Bajraktari hanging in the Oval with Pres. Obama. He was one of the few with access to @POTUS’s note cards for the call with Putin. Still can’t figure out for the life of me who might have leaked those note cards to WaPo.”


“YOU’RE FIRED” Any free agent leaker(s) on @realDonaldTrump‘s National Security Council w/their own agenda/vision for Presidency & America need to be tossed to curb in a NY minute. The “what would @brhodes want me to do” attitude by some in NSC is a disease easily curable.”

It’s time they catch a leaker and send them to prison and put an end to this nonsense.