Salman Rashid Charged With Allegedly Plotting ISIS Attacks In America After Getting Expelled From College

Salman Rashid is under arrest after hem tried to masterminding a terrorist attacks on two colleges after being expelled.  He was suspended from Miami Dade College and later expelled from Broward College.  he then decided to contact ISIS in hopes of getting their help in implementing his plot. Unfortunately for Rashid, the ISIS terrorist he contacted turned out to be an FBI agent and he ended up under arrest before he was able to carry out his cowardly plan. If convicted, Rashid faces up to 20 years in prison.

Rashid put forth many plans for a terror attack including one on a religious organization or a nightclub. Rashid appears to be less than a candidate for MENSA. The FBI managed to infiltrate his scheme by sending him a DM on Facebook. Rashid specifically told the FBI agent that hem wanted attacks against the deans of both colleges. The FBI were actually aware of Rashid in early 2018 when he posted anti-democracy posts on his social media accounts. He was calling for the violent overthrow of the government. The FBI continued to monitor his posts and that is how they became aware of his plots.

From The Hill

The FBI began tracking Rashid in April 2018 after his public Facebook posts indicated support for a “violent overthrow of democracy” and institution of Islamic law, according to court documents cited in the release.

Rashid allegedly asked an undercover FBI source in May 2019 to contact ISIS members to plan a terrorist attack on his behalf. During the planning process, Rashid said an attack on a religious building or nightclub would work, the release said.

A second FBI source reportedly told Rashid that they were a member of ISIS and agreed to move forward with the attack. Rashid chose the two deans at the colleges on or about Nov. 8 and 9, saying the supposed ISIS member should use explosives that were as big as possible, according to law enforcement.