Report: Rosenstein Might Be Investigated for Supervising Uranium One Deal

Louie Gohmert said that Rod Rosenstein could be under investigation for his role in the Uranium One deal. At the time Rosenstein was a US Attorney and in charge of investigating the Uranium One deal and alleged bribery that went along with it. he made one glaring omission.

He did not interview informant William Campbell who was working undercover and knew more about what was going on than anyone.

The head of the FBI didn’t have him interviewed either. The FBI director at the time was Robert Mueller. Hillary Clinton made out like the fat rat that she is.

She got 2 million dollars for in-kind contributions from the Russians, Bill received half a million from a Kremlin-connected bank for a speech in Russia and the Clinton Foundation received $145 million dollars from principals in the deal.

Gohmert: “Rosenstein could very well be under investigation. There is a full investigation into Uranium-One, which he supervised, which he soft-peddled to allow Hillary to get her colleagues to approve the sale of uranium to Russia through Uranium-One. So, I have no problem with impeaching Rosenstein. He is a problem. He needs to step down.

Of course, he’s not going to because he’s got to cover for himself and for Mueller in the Uranium investigation.”

Even before he became the Deputy Attorney General, he was part of the Deep State, covering up for Hillary Clinton. If he had been half as interested in justice as he seems to be in overthrowing Trump, Hillary Clinton and other Obama officials would be on the inside of prison looking out and remembering better days.

I guess he and Robert Mueller believed the hype that Hillary was the Chosen One and that she would be the next president. But it didn’t happen and now everyone is caught with their pants down.