RINO Romney Loses Republican Caucus

Mitt Romney, the presumptive favorite to win the Republican nomination for the Senate from Utah lost the caucus vote 50.18-49.12 to state lawmaker Mike Kennedy.

This was a shocker especially to Romney himself. Utah loves Donald Trump and I guess the caucus-goers didn’t want a NeverTrumper as their Senator. They now will have a primary on June the 26th to decide on the next Senator. You can forget the general election because a Democrat isn’t going to win there. Romney says he is delighted with the results.

That means he was also delighted in 2012?

Caucus voters tend to be more conservative than the primary voters, so that could help RINO Mitt Romney. Romney was beaten badly by Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election because he is an establishment type of candidate, so he had no appeal to people who needed to be convinced to come out to vote.

Conservatives tried to kill the Romney run for the Senate seat knowing he is a John McCain type who would probably vote with Chuck Schumer rather than President Trump

From Fox News


The delegates at the convention tend to be more conservative than Utah’s general electorate, the newspaper noted.

Romney, 71, who ran against Barack Obama for president in 2012, went up against 11 other candidates seeking Utah’s GOP nomination for U.S. Senate. Most of them were political newcomers who questioned Romney’s criticism of President Donald Trump and the depth of his ties to Utah. (Romney is a former governor of Massachusetts, and his late father, George Romney, was a former governor of Michigan.)

Romney is perhaps best known in Utah for his chairmanship of the 2002 Winter Olympics, which were held in the state, and also because he was the first Mormon to be the presidential nominee of a major party. He moved to Utah after his 2012 campaign failed.

In launching his U.S. Senate bid, Romney has tried to keep the focus on state issues rather than his history of well-documented feuds with President Donald Trump, whom he called a “con man” and a phony during the 2016 race.