Republicans Open a Secret Investigation Into Corrupt FBI and DOJ

Secret meetings of Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee have been held in order to sort out the corruption within the FBI and the DOJJ after it became apparent that AG Jeff Sessions does not have the cojones for the job. Although their main focus is on the fake Trump dossier, there are other things they are concerned with, mostly the liberal politicization of the FBI under Mueller and Comey and the DOJ under Holder and Lynch. Recently released emails appear to show a conspiracy to keep Donald Trump from winning the 2016 election that then morphed into a campaign to chase him from office.

Sources familiar with the meetings say that the participants are angry at AG Sessions, who has been providing cover for the corrupt actions of the FBI and the DOJ. And with good reason. Trump should not fire Mueller because Mueller has already destroyed his credibility and needs no help looking foolish. But Sessions should be out as of yesterday. When Trump was elected, it was hoped that the rule of law had returned to the nation’s capital but obviously, that has not happened.

I know I’m going to catch hell from Trey Gowdy fans (Of which I am one) but I would select Chris Christie for the new AG. Before you start booing, hear me out. Christie was a former federal prosecutor and he specialized in corrupt public officials, bringing charges against 130 of them. He was pretty successful, too. He got 130 convictions and this was in New Jersey where it’s tough to weed out corrupt politicians. (See Sen Bob Menendez) That record is what won him the governorship.

From The Daily Mail

A Nunes spokesman told, ‘This isn’t some secret investigation as reported by Politico. In fact, the Chairman announced it on television two weeks ago.’

The Ethics Committee cleared Nunes of having released classified information gleaned from trips to the White House early in the Trump presidency. Nunes told Fox News of a probe into surveillance of Americans authorized by special foreign intelligence FISA courts .

‘I believe we have evidence that definitely abuses have occurred,’ he told the network  

“I hate to use the word corrupt, but they’ve become at least so dirty that who’s watching the watchmen? Who’s investigating these people? There is no one,’ Nunes said. 

The Republicans want to know what part the fake Trump dossier played in obtaining FISA warrants or was used in the massive Obama unmasking scam. They are also concerned with the multiple people who were fired from Mueller’s investigation and a couple who weren’t and why.

Good hunting, boys.