Republican Rick Scott Adds Surprise Pick to Florida State Board of Education

Outgoing Gov Rick Scott made a surprise pick to fill a vacancy of the State Board of Education, Andrew Pollack, the father of one of the Parkland victims.

Pollack has been an outspoken critic of the way the Parkland shooting was handled and he supports arming teachers to help defend students. Pollack said that he was shocked that he was named to the board but that he is ready to serve and to add his ideas for the protection of the students.

Pollack is a very vocal advocate for the Second Amendment and has appeared on television many times since Parkland.

From The Conservative Tribune

Now, thanks to outgoing Gov. Rick Scott, Pollack is going to be on the Florida state board of education.

According to WSVN-TV, “Pollack was one of several dozen new appointees Scott’s office announced on Friday.”

“Since the Feb. 14 massacre at Marjory Stoneman High School, Pollack, 52, has heavily advocated for school safety,” WSVN added.

“Accountability for School Boards and Superintendents, increased teacher pay and enacting and enforcing school safety initiatives are my priority,” he wrote.

Indeed, Pollack told South Florida Sun-Sentinel that the word “accountability” has been his focus since his 18-year-old daughter Meadow was killed in the Feb. 14, 2018 shooting.

“That word has haunted me since my daughter was murdered,” he said.

Pollack will have an immediate impact on the board, which will now have another voice that is for arming teachers in the classroom. Teachers in other states have been armed for years without a single mishap that Democrats have insisted would happen.

“What I hope to accomplish is accountability at a local level, to hold school boards accountable and superintendents accountable,” Pollack said.

In April, when Scott formally announced his Senate candidacy in Orlando, Pollack was there, standing immediately behind him. Pollack also was featured in a television ad stumping for Scott’s successful election to the U.S. Senate.

“We developed a relationship over the last 10 months and he knows what I’m capable of doing,” Pollack said of the outgoing governor’s confidence in him.