Rep Bob Goodlatte is About to Subpoena Deep State DOJ

One thing has not changed from the Obama error and the Trump era. The Deep State at the DOJ is slow-walking documents that would prove that serious crimes occurred from both the FBI and the DOJ.

The Deep State had no choice but to present 1.2 million pages of documents pertaining to the Hillary email scandal but they have been withholding them from Congress even though DOJ IG Michael Horowitz signaled that he has no problem with it and that it wouldn’t affect his investigation.

The House Judiciary committee has only received a couple of thousand of those pages, leaving them 1,198,000 pages shy of being complete.

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) said that committee chairman Rep Bob Goodlatte is preparing an “imminent” subpoena for the records. Goodlatte himself has dropped hints that he is about to issue such a subpoena due to the lack of cooperation from the Deep State.

Why isn’t AG Jeff Sessions demanding that the agency that he is in charge of is committing obstruction of justice to prevent the committee from seeing the extent to which the FBI and the DOJ went in order to exonerate Hillary Clinton for her many crimes?

From Politico

Goodlatte’s office was not immediately available for comment, but the congressman himself hinted at a subpoena over the weekend.

“We need to have those documents,” he told Fox News in an interview that aired on Sunday, adding that “actions are going to have to take a new level here very soon.”

Ratcliffe, a former prosecutor, said the forthcoming subpoena was a reflection of frustration among GOP lawmakers with the pace of cooperation from the Justice Department, which also clashed with Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee over classified intelligence about its decisions to surveil a former Trump campaign aide in 2016 and 2017.

Ratcliffe said that he had been notified that the IG report is being delayed because investigators are re-interviewing witnesses, indicating that new evidence may have shown previous answers to be incorrect or outright lies.

There is no word on when the final report can be expected. The release of the report is highly anticipated and will reveal the nature and scope of crimes committed by McCabe that led to his firing.

It will also reveal actions by James Comey and other top officials during the Obama caliphate.