Pure Insanity: Idiot Ocasio-Cortez Tells Alaskans to Heat Their Homes and Run Their Vehicles on Windmills and Solar Panels

Some people say that AOC doesn’t have the brains that God gave to a pissy ant. But they are wrong. That’s exactly the kind of brain she has. She told Alaskans that they need to heat their homes and run their cars on electricity from solar panels. Just how many people would she like to kill? In the winter when there is very little sun, people would freeze to death because there would be a severe shortage of electricity and electric car batteries would go dead much quicker in the freezing weather. Not only that but over 110,000  people work in the oil and gas industry or about 1/3 of all the jobs in Alaska. That means 1 out of 3 people could not afford to buy electricity since they would have no job.

From The Gateway Pundit

Real Clear News reported Philip Webmann spoke with Alaskan Governor James Dunleavy about the proposed Green New Deal legislation by Democrat Party leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The $93 Trillion dollar plan would destroy the US economy and wipe out half of the US population.

Alaska also ranks second in the nation in crude oil production supporting 110,000 energy jobs or one-third of the jobs in the state. Alaska’s oil and gas industry remains the single most important economic engine in Alaska from bothits legacy fields and new developments.

Governor Dunleavy told Philip Wegmann if the Democrats’ Green New Deal became reality “it would impact our civilization as we know it.”

Governor Dunleavy added:

Oil would disappear
Gas would disappear
Coal would disappear
Alaska’s population would plummet

That’s an understatement.

Genius Democrat Ocasio-Cortez responded to the Alaskan Governor saying, “Yeah that’s kind of the point.”

Then she added:

The climate crisis threatens our way of life, and we must decarbonize our economy & way of life to save the planet.

I wish it wasn’t such a bad situation too, but previous generations failed to act & now young people need to deal w the science of our future & create opportunity.