Professor: Soros’ Minions Brag About Toppling Sovereign Nations

George Soros has taken his battle against society into Europe.

Currently, he is funding Gina Miller’s Anti-Brexit Campaign. Author and sociologist Frank Furedi,  former professor of sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury recalls how frightened he was to hear those working for George Soros or at least are funded by him, retelling stories about how they helped topple nations, in particular, Libya.

It was at a private dinner and when he asked his thoughts and he expressed them, the Soros stooge then attacked him.

The dinner was held in 2013 in in Hungary and was attended by Open Society Youth Exchange, whom Furedi described as missionaries of George Soros:

Most of those in attendance were smart, idealistic young people who appeared to be committed to making the world a better place. My only concern with the gathering was it regarded its participants as a group of democratic missionaries, who would go back home to spread the good word.

It was later during lunch at a plush Budapest hotel that I encountered the full force of the arrogant ethos promoted by the Soros network of organizations. At my table, I listened to Dutch, American, British, Ukrainian and Hungarian representatives of Soros NGOs boast about their achievements.

Some claimed that they played a major role in the Arab Spring in Egypt. Others voiced their pride in their contribution to the democratization of Ukraine. Some bragged about their influence in preparing the ground for the overthrow of the Gadaffi regime in Libya.

I sat quietly and felt uncomfortable with a group of people who so casually assumed that they had the right to play God throughout the world. At one point, the head of the table – a Hungarian leader of a Soros NGO – asked me what I thought about their work. Not wishing to offend, I quietly remarked that I wasn’t sure whether the external imposition of their idea of democracy on the people of Libya was legitimate nor that it would work.

Without a second’s hesitation, my interlocutor rounded me with the response: “I don’t think that we have the luxury of waiting until the Libyan people come up with their own Jefferson!”

Furedi said he was deeply troubled by these youths declaring they were playing the role of Jefferson in foreign countries in toppling regimes that Soros disagreed with.

Furedi went on to note that now in Libya, terrorists walk around freely, blacks are sold as slaves in the open market and there is no longer any semblance of control in the African nation.

Soros is a plague on countries who disagree with his world’s vision.