Pro-Immigration Conservatives Attempt A Bold Move In Favor of DACA

Since the committee hasn’t released any bills to save DACA recipients, a bunch of RINO’s have taken it upon themselves to move the bill out of committee and bring it to the floor of the House using a little known process known as a discharge petition, although you fans of Legally Blonde 2 have seen it on the big screen. A simple majority have to sign the petition to bring it to the floor.

However, it is an exercise in futility. Even if they bring it to the floor, they would then have to agree to which version to pass and if they do that, it goes to the Senate, where no discharge petition exists. Only Mitch McConnell can bring it to the floor for a vote. And even if McConnell screws us again, President Trump would have to sign it.

There are at least six GOP reps who should not get a dime of support from the RNC or have any other Republicans join them for fundraisers. President Trump won the 2016 election by opposing amnesty and these clowns should not be rewarded for trying to force it on the rest of the party.

The Hill reported:

A handful of House Republicans filed a discharge petition on Wednesday intended to force votes on a series of immigration measures — including legislation to protect so-called Dreamers.

The discharge petition, which is intended to discharge legislation forcibly from a committee, would force the vote if a majority of House members sign on to it. Democrats have been pressing for an immigration vote in the House, and the petition would likely need about 30 Republican signatories.

GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo (Fla.) filed the motion, and was quickly joined by Republican   Reps. Jeff Denham (Calif.), Will Hurd (Texas), Mario Díaz Balart (Fla.) and David Valadao (Calif.) as initial sponsors.

All five are in competitive races this year. The Cook Political Report lists Curbelo’s and Denham’s races as tossups.

Republicans who support immigration reform have grown increasingly frustrated at leadership over inaction on the issue, and the filing of a discharge petition is an attempt to go around leadership to force a vote on the floor.

The discharge petition would specifically force a vote on a “Queen of the Hill” rule that would lead to votes on a series of competing immigration proposals. Which ever measure won the most votes would be the legislation approved by the House.