President Trump Has Reshaped 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

The circuit court located in California that is known by many as the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals because their decisions are overridden by the Supreme Court by a large percentage is being reshaped by President Trump.

The 9th Circuit is used by Democrats when they want a decision in their favor when it does not follow the law is changing rapidly thanks to our president. At this time last year, 16 justices were appointed by Democrats and 6 by Republicans. As soon as Trump’s latest two judges are installed the numbers will be 16 appointed by Democrats and 13 by Republicans. (There were vacant seats when Trump entered office)

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris have tried to prevent that from happening by using the blue card, but Trump just ignored them and did it the right way. At one point, Harris and Feinstein said they were willing to vote for two of Trump’s four picks in exchange for 2 very liberal judges.

Trump laughed them off and got 4 conservative judges confirmed.

From Fox News

The radical transformation of the San Francisco-based court is largely the result of President Trump’s aggressive push to nominate conservative judges and bypass traditional consultations with Senate Democrats — a practice that has led to repeated howls of protest from California’s two Democratic senators, Kamala Harris and Judiciary Committee ranking member Dianne Feinstein.

Once Trump’s latest picks to the 9th Circuit, including Ken Lee and Dan Collins, are confirmed as expected and remaining vacancies are filled, 13 of the 29 active seats on the key appellate court will be filled with judges picked by Republican presidents. At this time last year, 16 judges on the 9th Circuit were appointed by Democrats, with only six chosen by Republicans.

“As the 9th Circuit shifts to become more conservative and better parallels the Supreme Court’s ideological baseline, I could only imagine fewer liberal 9th Circuit decisions and fewer overturned 9th Circuit decisions generally,” legal scholar and judicial data guru Adam Feldman, who blogs at Empirical SCOTUS, told Fox News.