“Politically, This is a Total Disaster for Democrats” – Democrat Strategist Blasts Pelosi and House Dems on Disastrous Impeachment Push (VIDEO)

On Tuesday afternoon Democrat strategist Brad Gerstman joined Neil Cavuto and Jenna Ellis to discuss Pelosi’s impeachment push. Gerstman calls this a major disaster for the Democrats and he is right only if the Senate have a full blown trial and call the witnesses that the Democrats refused to allow to testify in the House hearings.

So far, only gossip witnesses that lean far to the left have been heard from and it would be a bad mistake for Republicans to merely blow it off in the Senate. The other side must come out and show the American voters what a sham the House Democrats tried to pull off. Allowing that to happen would be a grave mistake. Bring in real material witnesses.

Gerstman understands that the more voters know about the facts, the more they will realize that the Axis of Evil, Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler are nothing more than old fashioned medicine show barkers. Americans when confronted by the facts will not buy the snake oil they have been peddling.


Brad Gerstman: Well, everything right now is playing against the Democrats whether it is the jobs, the economy, this new deal (USMCA), eventually I think China is going to get resolved and I’m sure the president will do his very best to make this his biggest win ever. He’s the best at doing that. So I expect his PR machine, meaning him and Twitter, to just go wild. And then this impeachment thing, I’m one of those people just mentioned, that the impeachment is a bad thing politically for the Democrats. I’ve spoken with a lot of people, a lot of people in those purple states, a lot of people who know people in those purple states, and a lot of people who are undecided, unaffiliated, and they don’t know what the heck the impeachment is about or why it’s going on. And when they turn on one of the TV Channels they’re disgusted with what they’re seeing. And these are the people that are in the middle. These are people that decide who is going to win and lose elections. I said from day one that this is bad for Democrats. And most of my Democratic friends believe the same thing. Politically this is a total disaster for the Democrats.