Pensacola Attacker Hosted Party to Watch Videos of Mass Shootings

Mohammed Saeed Alshamran, the shooter in the Pensacola attack that killed three and wounded many others had a viewing party the night before his attacks. He and his guests were treated to a tape of mass shootings. There are also reports that fellow Muslims from Saudi Arabia taped Alshamran’s carnage.


The gunman was armed with a handgun and he was able to get a lot of shots off before local police shot and killed him. Our soldiers on our stateside bases are not allowed to be armed but that makes it so much easier for those who are not concerned with obeying the law. A total of six Saudis were detained after the attack. No word yet on how many of them were actually involved in the shooting.

From Breitbart News

Breitbart News reported that an attacker allegedly used a handgun to fatally shoot three people December 6, 2019, and wound many more. The gunman was shot and killed by Escambia County sheriff’s deputies.

The AP reports that the Pensacola gunman was an aviation student from Saudi Arabia, and NBC News reported that the gunman’s name was Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.

Hours after the Pensacola attack, Breitbart News noted a New York Times report indicating six Saudis were detained after the shooting. Three of the six allegedly filmed the entire attack.