Pelosi Refuses a Single Dime for the Border Wall

Newly elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, receives the Speaker's gavel from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California after becoming the new Speaker of the House in the House Chamber at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, October 29, 2015. AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

It seems that the new Speaker of the House has a lot in common with the outgoing Speaker. Neither one ever intended to allocate a penny for the border wall.

They are both liberals. And neither one is worth the powder to blow them up. The Senate is working on a bill to fully fund the wall by taking the money away from illegal aliens they get from welfare and tax refunds for taxes they don’t pay. (Through child credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit)

But, even if they pass it, Paul Ryan will kill it in its tracks.

From The Gateway Pundit

Fox News Congress reporter Chad Pergram asked Pelosi, “Would you be willing support some degree of wall funding if you got a permanent bona fide solution on DACA?”

No,” Pelosi quickly shot back without skipping a beat.

President Trump is threatening a government shutdown if money for the border wall isn’t secured as Congress fights over the seven final spending bills.

The Homeland Security Appropriations bill would include the border wall funding.

Congress approved a stopgap spending bill Thursday, averting a Friday government shutdown.

The short-term bill will fund the government through December 21.

One thing is for sure, if Nancy Pelosi becomes House Speaker again, there will be virtually no difference between her and RINO traitor Paul Ryan. They both hate Trump and vowed to work against his agenda, specifically on immigration and the border wall.

Over the weekend, Pelosi promised to pass the Dream Act when the Democrats take back control of the House which would provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

On Thursday several GOP Senators introduced the “Wall Act” to fund President Trump’s border wall with Mexico.

The GOP senators say they can fund the bill by cutting off benefits to illegal immigrants in the US.