Parkland Students Being Taught By Teacher How to Talk to Media at March

Holy David Hogg, Batman. More Parkland students are being trained on what to say to the media if approached in Washington on Saturday.

The teacher, Debby Miller is a far left activist who teaches at Beachside Montessori Village, a Broward County Public School. In the recording she also brags that the event is being paid for with taxpayer money which would seem to me to be illegal. This reminds me of the coaching David Hogg got before his CNN interview.

“It’s not going rain on Saturday so, yay. I would say something about the politicians who said the Jews are in charge of weather, so c’mon. But that’s not right.”

It seems so appropriate to tell a Jewish joke (No, not Sarah Silverman) before a rally being hosted by followers of Louis Farrakhan.

From Laura Loomer in

• REVEALED: Anti-gun group failed to get proper permits for #MarchForOurLives event in D.C. this weekend

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• Teacher claims Southwest Airlines is bankrolling the anti-gun march

• Students forced to wear Gabby Giffords swag 

• Lefty teacher brags about using taxpayer resources to coordinate a political event

• ‘Top secret’ meetings planned with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi

• Teacher alludes to ‘Jews’ controlling Washington 

There is something curious in her remarks. Miller told the students and their parents that Southwest Airlines was providing free travel for everyone attending the March. Later Southwest was asked about it and they said it was a total fabrication and they are providing no support for the march. Then who is? Obviously, it’s not the students or the parents, otherwise, Miller would not have to explain to them why they aren’t paying. What special interest is picking up them tab? Or has Miller found a way to get taxpayers to fork over the money and is able to hide it?

No permit, no expenses, no spontaneity. Yep, sounds like a grassroots operation. I’ll bet this sets George Soros back a penny or two.