When it comes to the Deep State, it keeps getting deeper and deeper

When it comes to the Deep State it keeps getting deeper and deeper and every day, we get closer to the truth much to their horror.

We have been told for months that what started the Russian collusion case was after Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer told the FBI about what George Papadopoulos told him in London. That was on August 2nd, 2016. However, the first known contact the FBI spy had with the Trump campaign was on July 22nd and the FBI opened their official investigation on July 31st. And if you want to know when the FBI first learned about the Clinton dossier, that was on July 5th.

Others claim the John Brennan started an investigation into Trump in April.

From Breitbart News

The timeline of events indicates that the current and former officials lied about when their investigation of the Trump campaign started, and why.

Some have speculated that former CIA Director John Brennan had launched a spy operation on the Trump campaign as early as April 2016, but it is not clear what might have prompted him.

The leakers confirmed to the Times and the Post that the informant had also reached out to Papadopoulos in the ensuing months after he reached out to Page.

The Post revealed that the informant had also approached Trump campaign adviser Sam Clovis, offering help to the campaign.

The Deep State went to the White House in an effort to stop House GOP investigators Reps Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy from gaining access after they initially denied them access. They knew that it would blow the timeline and also they would need to come up with a good reason for the spying other than wanting Hillary to win the election. Getting the truth from these felons is like pulling teeth but remember, the teeth always come out one way or the other.