What?! Why Is Obama Still Meeting With World Leaders?

Former President Obama will be making some rounds in what appears to be a world tour of sorts, just after actual President Donald Trump just finished one himself.

The former President will be meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi before stopping in Paris; speaking at various events in all three respective countries.

In fact, Ivanka was just there, too, and she and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi just Tweeted about it.

“It was an honor to meet with you Prime Minister Modi. Thank you for co-hosting the 8th annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit! @StateDept,” Ivanka wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, also sharing a tweet from Modi that praised the first daughter, who has an official role at the White House.

“Had a wonderful meeting with ‪@IvankaTrump, advisor to ‪@POTUS and leader of the US delegation at the ‪@GES2017,” Modi wrote, posting a picture of the pair in talks at the summit.

I can only guess he’s getting paid big bucks…

As reported by Harriet Sinclair for Newsweek:

His trip, which will involve meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, comes several weeks after President Donald Trump’s 12-day tour of Asia and amid ongoing attempts from the Republican to court Xi and Modi, Reuters reported.

Although Obama has failed to remain completely out of the public eye following his departure from the White House—with his Obama Foundation work and friendship with recently engaged Prince Harry keeping him in the headlines—the trip marks a clear return to global issues for the former leader.

“Obama believes that countries are strongest when we empower our young people—because ultimately, they’re the ones who will shape our future,” Bernadette Meehan, the executive director of international programs at the Obama Foundation, told The Times, explaining the Democrat’s visit.




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