Notorious NeverTrumper Claims She Can ‘Die Happy Now’

President Trump is winning so much even the NeverTrumpers are undecided how to deal with it, with one notable exception.

Longtime GOP strategist and one of the largest NeverTrumpers in the United States Mary Matalin now admits that President Trump is doing a great job and that if she died today, she would die happy.

That’s a total 180 degrees from where she was during 2016 and it’s election season.  Matalin had left the Republican party over Trump’s election and became a libertarian.

Here is what she says about him now:

“I think he’s stunning; he’s a paradigmatic shift because, for him, I think, it’s an isolated paradigm shift. I don’t think anybody else can do it because everybody else who thinks they know about politics impedes their own forward motion by saying it can’t be done. He doesn’t have that gene –everything can be done.” 

“Everything is possible, and guess what? He has proved that it is. Do you know how many years, decades, I worked on tax reform? He did it like that; changing people’s lives. Do you know how long we all ran against Obamacare?…The less reported is the most significant for the economy…regulatory relief.”

“…He did what he said he was going to do and he is doing things he never imagined he would have to, so that’s really hard to do with a staff that was not quite seasoned – it’s just sheer force of will and force of personality. I think he’s doing great. He’s doing really great. I can die happy now. I was really worried about it.”

Those of you that didn’t know it or forgot it, Matalin is married to James Carville, Bill Clinton’s right-hand man. They were the real-life Odd Couple.

You might say that in converting Matalin from a NeverTrumper into someone that is singing his praises proudly, that it’s just another example of Trump winning.

She’s been making some rounds, echoing similar statements:

“Leadership. There are so many people who aren’t people of action in authority, who take cues from their leader. Because Trump behaves like that — he completely violates every rule. That gives license to all these guys who are great leaders to do the same…”

“How we let the middle east get as out of control as it is sort of shocking. He hearkens back to –I can’t say anything bad. I don’t want to sound like a Trump groupie, but I’m turning into one. ”

“It is just stunning what he is getting done, and his people are getting done. And because they are doing it with such authority… they are, it is a complete breakthrough to a new kind of politics we haven’t seen since our founding.”