New Photos May Prove AOC Posed for Fake Pictures at Detention Center

AOC went to a detention facility in El Paso during her campaign for the House. They did not allow her in and that almost ruined her plan to accuse all immigration officials of mistreating children.

The operators of the detention center did not trust her and refused her entry, but she needed the photo op for her campaign. One picture shows her in front of a chain link fence, crying.

Here is that picture:

From The Gateway Pundit

However new photos show Ocasio-Cortez was crying in an empty lot.

She was crying at a nearly empty parking lot. 

Here are more pictures of the same event:

From The Daily Wire

The photos were apparently taken at a Tornillo, Texas, detention center, but did not show the conditions the congresswoman was upset about, rather, the pictures were merely of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez looking sad by a chain-linked fence. Users online, many of whom identify as her supporters, mocked the “photo-op” and suggested the pictures were “staged.”

“Before [AOC] hit the national stage & was just a fairly unknown House candidate [from] NYC, she took time [away from] her campaign & came [down] to #Tornillo to protest the #tentcity housing migrant children.I made these previously unpublished [photos] a [year] ago today,” posted Ivan Pierre Aguirre, the man who took the photos of Ocasio-Cortez.