Navy Seal Who Took Out bin Laden Weighs In On “March For Our Lives”

Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill is a legend after putting multiple rounds through his head and killing him on the spot. He knows a thing or two about real combat weapons.

He knows what they are capable of and he knows the AR-15 is not a combat weapon because it doesn’t fire quickly enough.

“It’s really entertaining to listen to kids who know nothing about guns tell sensible gun-owners how many rounds they need to protect their families.”

O’Neill is shocked that so many girls really believe their bodies are more regulated than guns are. Did one ever have to wait seven days for a boob job? Are any of them denied an abortion because she suffered grief counseling after her mother died?

I don’t think so.

From The Daily Caller

There is this theory that semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines are the reasons for gun violence, which of course is not even close to being supported by facts. There is an outstanding piece about this nonsense that you can read here.

Lastly, if there’s anybody who probably has a good sense of what matters most in a gunfight it’s probably a guy from SEAL Team Six. I’m no expert, but something tells me that the guys who rock on SEAL Team Six probably have some idea of what it’s like to be in a combat situation.

There is so much false information out there and the lamestream media are happy that it fools the people because they are no longer journalists. They are nothing more than a political tool of the left.

Or maybe the left is the tool of the media. Sometimes the tail wags the dog. Either way, the truth suffers the most.