Nancy Pelosi Tells Jerry Nadler to Move Ahead With Articles of impeachment

In what has to be fantastic news for conservatives all across the country, Nancy Pelosi wants Jerry Nadler to adopt articles of impeachment. Considering the fact that Independents are moving towards the Republicans after the impeachment fiasco, we want this to move to the Senate, where the Democrats cannot bar key witnesses or forbid witnesses from answering some very embarrassing questions

Wo in their right mind doesn’t want to see Ted Cruz interrogate the left’s witnesses? I’d watch that even if it was on pay per view. Sen Tom Cotton would be another good one. Let the American public see the entire case laid out without exception. I think it would possibly lead to a tsunami in November of 2020.

The loss of Independent voters would be a disaster for Democrats who have already alienated many Blacks, Jews and Catholics.  Three consecutive polls, Rasmussen, Emerson and Marist all found Black support for President Trump to be in the mid thirties. Compare that to the 8% Trump got in 2016 and you can see why Democrats are pinning all of their hopes on impeachment.

From The Daily Caller

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she will be asking House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler to move forward with articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

“The president’s actions have seriously violated the Constitution,” Pelosi said at a press conference. “The president abused his power for his own personal benefit. We will proceed in a manner worthy of our oath of office.”

The White House told House Democrats on Sunday that it will not take part in the House Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing, after being invited by Nadler.

Nadler asked Trump on Friday if he would be sending his lawyers to the impeachment hearing scheduled for Dec. 4. Nadler also asked Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee what witnesses they want to subpoena for the hearings, expressed in letters sent to Trump, the Associated Press reported.