NAACP President Lies About Traffic Stop: Foiled By Body Cam [VIDEO]

The president of the Timmonsville,SC  chapter of the NAACP, Rev Jerrod Moultrie , claimed in a Facebook post that he had been racially profiled by a policeman who stopped him for failure to use his turn signal. He made all kinds of accusations against the officer, including saying that the officer asked him if he had any drugs in the car and why was he in that neighborhood. Unfortunately for the reverend, the officer was wearing a body cam that proved that everything he said was a lie. Claiming racial profiling is the new slavery in the black community. Not for the average black American but among the elites who expect their words to be taken as fact.

Here is his Facebook rant:

From The Gateway Pundit

SCNow reported:

In the body cam video, Officer Chris Miles tells Moultrie that the reason he came in contact with him is due to him not signaling when he made a right turn.

“That’s the only reason I’m coming in contact with you, OK?” Miles said in the video.

There was no mention of drugs in the body cam video. Miles did not question Moultrie about why he was in that particular neighborhood or make any mention of Bill Gates. He did suggest for Moultrie to not drive the car until he gets proper documentation because the registration came back to a 1992 GMC truck instead of a Mercedes car.

Timmonsville Police Chief Billy Brown said he was surprised when he heard of Moultrie’s allegations, as they were not of Miles’ character. Brown said he was out of the office when he heard of the allegations but immediately got his captain to look at the body cam video to see what happened.

“And my captain called me back and pretty much said chief, what he (Moultrie) said happened didn’t happen at all,” Brown said.

He said he accepted what the captain said but needed to see the video for himself, too.

Brown said Moultrie’s false allegations of racial profiling need to be made public.

“But I think by him being the president of NAACP for the Timmonsville area, that it needs to be out to the public for the simple reason, if and when something else happens, they need to be able to look at the credibility of who’s presenting it,” Brown said. “I mean, if he lied about this to us, he’ll lie about anything to anyone. I just don’t think we need his type of representation.”

Everyone has to play the victim rather than own up to the fact they broke the law. The molehill has now become a mountain.