Mueller’s Russian Indictments Seem Like A Major Scam, Here’s What You Should Know

Liberals are getting all excited over the news that Mueller has indicted 13 Russians in connection with the 2016 presidential election. They actually believe it ties into Trump and that the Russians will expose Trump and they can impeach him.

Sorry, Charley. These indictments are as fake as the Hillary dossier.

Why deliver the indictments right now? Mueller sees his investigation is in trouble between the myriad of conflicts of interest and the deceptions used to get the FISA warrant. Mueller didn’t want to see his investigation end with Trump still in the Oval Office.

Secondly, the indictments will give him a propaganda machine. The first thing you need to know is that there will never be a single trial come about because of these indictments and none of the thirteen will ever discuss what actually happened. They are all living in Russia, a country we do not have an extradition treaty with. Mueller can leak new information, but not necessarily truthful tidbits because he knows there will be no one to refute him.

He can drop fake stories about connections between them and the Trump campaign. This will be done in an effort to win back Congress for the Democrats.

If Mueller is smart and most dirty cops are, he can ride the investigation all the way through November based on thirteen worthless indictments. Mueller knows that the longer he drags this out, the wider his fishing expedition becomes.

He could find out that Trump stole the Play-Doh from the toybox in kindergarten or that Trump taped an NFL game without the expressed written consent of the NFL.

Mueller will use the thirteen indictments to justify the costs of his witch hunt and they will also act as “Wag the Dog” to shield the FBI from criticism for totally flubbing warnings they got about Nikolas Cruz before his shooting up the school in Parkland that saw seventeen people killed.

But, the beauty of the Mueller plan is that he never has to prove that any of the thirteen are actually guilty of any crimes. He will be riding this Trojan horse throughout the election cycle in a bid to weaken the president by delivering the House and Senate to the Democrats.

My guess is that Mueller will fail at that, too.