Mueller May Have Just Killed His Own Collusion Investigation

The indictment s of 13 Russian trolls and three entities just about puts the finishing touches on dirty cop Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion between Donald Trump and Russia.

As Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein noted, the indictments of the Russians are a big nothing burger because no American cooperated knowingly with Russians and the trolling campaign by the Russians had no effect whatsoever on the 2016 elections. To top it all off, the Russians organized rallies against Trump in NYC and Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Russians attacked Trump just days after the election. Now, I may be a country hick but if I was expecting favors from Trump, holding anti-Trump rallies would not be my choice of diplomacy.

The “Not My President Rallies” were organized allegedly by these Russians. At least the one in New York was.

Here is NBC‘s report on the New York City event:

“Not My President’s Day” rallies were staged in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia and more than two dozen other cities across the nation in a spirited display of defiance against a president who has been in power for just one month.

In Trump’s hometown, a huge throng rallied outside the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan, with the crowd blanketing the southwestern corner of Central Park and singing “We Shall Overcome.”

Many carried signs that read “Not My President” and “Resist” and chanted “No Ban, No Wall” — a reference to Trump’s executive order on travel by immigrants and his still-unbuilt wall along the Mexican border.

BuzzFeed report published October 26th, 2017, shows Facebook was aware an anti-Trump rally in Charlotte was organized by Russia:

People believed to be Russians meddling in American politics swiftly chose a new target in the days after the 2016 election: trying to organize anti-Trump rallies, according to private messages from a page aimed at black civil rights activists that has been linked to a wider Russian effort.

“We’re holding a protest against Trump on Saturday,” read a message obtained by BuzzFeed from the BlackMattersUS Facebook page to an activist who’d spoken at a previous rally organized by the group in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The BlackMatters page also sent a poster for the “Charlotte Against Trump” rally on Nov. 19, 2016, and a now-unavailable link to a Facebook event.

The page was identified in a bombshell investigation by RBC, a Russian outlet, as one of 180 social media accounts created by a St. Petersburg “troll farm.”

Liberals will insist that Trump is guilty of obstruction for firing dirty cop James Comey. But that is insane because if there was no collusion with Russia, then what was he obstructing? There cannot be obstruction without an underlying crime.

The investigation will continue because liberals like Mueller can’t stand a president that doesn’t follow the rules of the establishment and of course, his investigators will leak more false stories to their willing stooges in the press, but for all practical purposes, the investigation is dead.