Mueller and Rosenstein Desperate To End Manafort Lawsuit

That Would End Mueller’s Inquisition

The lawsuit filed by Manafort alleges that the investigation into business dealings that occurred a decade before he worked on the Trump campaign is illegal under the special counsel law. Mueller was commissioned to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

He was also given permission to investigate anything that came out of that investigation.

The charges against Manafort are not covered by either standard. That would put an end to the Mueller investigation because he has found nothing to suggest collusion. He then started bringing charges against former campaign workers in the hopes of getting them to flip on President Trump.

Here is part of Manafort’s suit:

Mr. Mueller’s Investigation of Matters Beyond His Original Jurisdiction

36. Early in the process, Mr. Mueller’s investigation diverged from its focus on
alleged collusion between the Russian government and President Trump’s campaign toward Mr.
Manafort, who served as President Trump’s campaign manager for a few months in 2016.

37. The investigation of Mr. Manafort is completely unmoored from the Special
Counsel’s original jurisdiction to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian
government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.” It has
instead focused on unrelated, decade-old business dealings—specifically, Ukraine political
campaign consulting activities of Mr. Manafort.

38. The Special Counsel has paid particular attention to the involvement of Mr.
Manafort’s company in a lobbying campaign that ended in 2014, Mr. Manafort’s bank accounts
and tax filings through 2014, and the personal expenditures Mr. Manafort allegedly made using
funds earned from his political consulting work.

It already looks like the charges against former General Michael Flynn will have to be dropped, so Manafort is all Mueller has left. He and Rod Rosenstein, a denizen of the swamp have filed a motion to toss Manafort’s suit. If that effort fails Mueller will go on unemployment.

From The Gateway Pundit

We now know that the FBI had an investigation into the Clintons and money they received from Russia in return for giving Russia 20% of all US uranium. Prior to the Obama administration approving the very controversial Uranium One deal in 2010 giving Russia 20% of America’s Uranium, the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were involved in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering in order to benefit Vladimir Putin.

The FBI approved the deal anyway. We also know that Rosenstein and Mueller were the ones who allowed the Uranium One deal to go forward. This was the real Russia collusion story involving the US government.

We know that Mueller’s team illegally obtained emails related to the Trump transition team and these emails were protected under attorney-client privilege. Mueller and his entire team should have resigned after this.

It should be noted that Mueller is the one who covered up the fact that Russians were bribing people to gain control of 20% of all US uranium mined. He’s a dirty cop.