Mueller Adopts Ethically Indefensible Law to Attempt Anti-Trump Coup

Dirty Cop Robert Mueller is at it again. Is there nothing this traitor who exonerated Hillary when the Russians bribed her in order to gain control of 20% of US uranium mining?

Evidently not. Having failed to prove collusion and failing to prove obstruction, he has turned to a new tactic whose legality is suspect. He has charged some with Conspiracy to Defraud the Government. The reason he did this is simple.

You could theoretically be found guilty of this conspiracy even if you commit no crime, which could allow him to go after a president that broke no laws.

The Washington Times reports

Emma Kohse, Harvard International Law Journal editor-in-chief, Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the Lawfare blog’s top editor, argue that, based in the language of the indictments and the legal precedents behind them, the “conspiracy to defraud the government” charge provides the Mueller team with significant flexibility in trying to build a case against Mr. Trump and members of his 2016 campaign. […]

“Russia’s sustained, many-front effort to interfere in the 2016 election — a glimpse of which was shown in the indictment — is undoubtedly more complex and far-reaching than the plots that have previously been prosecuted as conspiracies to defraud the United States,” Ms. Kohse and Mr. Wittes write. “ But that makes Mueller’s theory richer, not more novel.” […]

Because Mr. Mueller is alleging a conspiracy to defraud the FEC, DOJ and State Department, some legal scholars say recent commentary about “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Kremlin is misdirected. Instead, he appears to be building a case with the FEC, DOJ and State Department at its core — not the Kremlin. […]

“To allege that a new conspirator had joined such a conspiracy, Mueller would have to allege only that such a person — presumably a new defendant — had agreed to participate in a scheme of deceit by which the FEC, the Justice Department or the State Department was deprived of its regulatory authority,” Ms. Kohse and Mr. Wittes write.

Mueller has lost control of the Russian collusion case because quite frankly, there has been no proof gathered in 19 months of investigations. Even liberal spin doctor Rep Adam Schiff admitted on The View that there is no evidence of collusion.

Dirty cop Rod Rosenstein who may soon be facing charges himself for his Deep State actions claims that Mueller’s newest move is not an unguided missile.

What would you call it when he can charge someone with a crime when they’ve committed none?