Momentum Builds For Switching to a Popular Vote for President

The only people who want to switch from the electoral college to the popular vote are the liberals and easily swayed republicans. But if we do that California will decide almost every election or at least California and New York. Lets look at the last few elections and see what the deciding factor has been.

2016     Won By Donald Trump          Lost popular vote by 2,868,691           Hillary won Ca by 4,269,978.


2012    Won by Barack Obama         Won popular vote by under 5 million votes      Won California by 3,015,000  Won NY by 2 million   Romney won popular vote in 48 states


2008   Won by Barack Obama That election was a blowout in a race between 2 liberals


2004   Won By George Bush Jr                           Bush won the popular vote.


2000   Won by George Bush Jr                 Al Gore won the popular vote by less than 600k votes.  Kerry won California by 1.3 million votes

Now, do you really want the popular vote to decide all of our elections? I don’t think so.

I can give you two excellant reasons why the popular vote is a terrible idea. They are President Gore and president Hillary. Nuff said?

From Red State

Those who call for it ending A) don’t have a grasp on history, the Constitution or electoral politics, and B) fail to recognize how little it’s been used (only three times prior to 2016, since 1791) and how well the concept behind its existence has served to benefit the minority from a tyranny of the majority.

Our Founders created a federalist system of  states coming together to create a whole. That meant that most law and control would be held by state and local governments, and was the key to the federalist model. However, states have been relinquishing their influence for awhile now. It’s a trend loathed by many, including myself. Repeal the 17th, anyone? Electoral College is one of those few instances where individual states still hold power and a smaller state can matter. This makes Californians and New Yorkers nearly apoplectic that they can’t simply hold a vote and ignore anyone in less populous, or dare I say it? Rural areas.

Now, for the good news. It takes a constitutional amendment to do away with the electoral college. Both Houses would have to pass the amendment by a 2/3 vote in each house. The president has to sign it and then 34 states have to ratify it. The odds of that happening are about the same as me winning the Kentucky Derby on my two bum knees.