Megyn Kelly Lets Stormy’s Lawyer Humiliate Himself [VIDEO]

Megyn Kelly had Stormy’s lawyer on her show and she helped bury him as her audience laughed right in his face.

Kelly asked Michael Avenatti why his client hasn’t returned the $130k she extorted from Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer. He dodged the question several times but Kelly was persistent and in the end, Avenatti humiliated himself on national TV.

He claimed that Trump and his lawyer were preventing her from telling her story and when Kelly pointed out that 22 million people saw her on 60 Minutes, the audience burst out in laughter.

They also burst out in laughter when Avenatti called the money hungry porn star a “principled woman.”

From The Daily Caller

“It’s not fair for her to keep the $130,000 while she’s already been on ’60 Minutes,’ telling about the whole affair, right?” Kelly said.

 “Well, I think what’s not fair is for her to constantly be called a liar…intimidated, and not being able to provide an opportunity to tell her story,” Avenatti responded.

Kelly incredulously responded, “Not having an opportunity to tell her story? 22 million people watched the ’60 Minutes’ interview!”

The hits on Avenatti just kept coming, as the audience burst into laughter when Avenatti claimed that his client is a “principled woman.”

“She wanted the money,” Kelly asserted. “Why didn’t she just talk 11 days before the election? Come on. She wanted the dough.”

It’s hilarious listening to liberals trying to make a case for impeachment based on consensual sex over ten years ago before Trump ever ran for office.

But they didn’t see it the same way when Clinton sexually assaulted Kathleen Willey just off the Oval Office on the same day her husband died. Or the affair he had with Monica in the Oval Office.

The blue dress proved that Monica was just like Bill. She smoked but didn’t inhale.