Marvel Comics CANCELS All Super Heroes of This Specific Sexual Orientation

It seems like everything in our lives and major corporations are bound and determined to ram SJW policy down our throats. The problem they have is it never works.

That explains why when Newsweek was sold by the Washington Post, they only got one dollar for it. It’s probably only worth half of that now. In Marvel’s case it was clear cut why they had to cancel all comic books with gay heroes and heroines. No one wanted to read them. It’s one thing to indoctrinate someone in school because attendance is mandatory. Buying comic books aren’t, although I’m sure some lawmaker in California is working on that as we speak.

I wonder how many lawsuits these cancellations will spawn. I’m sure there is some butt hurt person out there that was offended and injured so bad that only cash can make it better or some gay person that not being willing to lose money is some sort of offense. The comics that included  Black Lives Matter, illegal immigration, and LGBTQ issues were among those to end up on the chopping block. There were other comics without SJW themes that were cancelled also. But not all of them like the SJW kind were.

I mean what kid wants to read about a Super Hero that fights the Preying Mantis Men from Mars to the death and then goes home to play wife in a tutu and an apron to a 5 foot 3 inch anemic accountant by night? The story line just seems to drop off the table somehow, you know.

From The Daily Caller

This year, GLAAD’s 2018 Outstanding Comic Book category included several of the canceled comics for their contributions to “queer culture” and social justice, reports Gizmodo. The site states:

 As has been the case with these sort of cancellations in the past, it’s not difficult to understand the why of Marvel’s decision. The publisher is, above all else, in the business of making money, and if certain comics don’t sell, it makes sense to cut them. At the same time, though, it stings a little to see all of Marvel’s comics with queer leads up for awards like this—and it makes you wonder what might have become of the series and their sales numbers if they’d been given a chance to continue after this sort of high-profile nomination.
I would buy one of those comics if my life depended on it but I would pay a lot for a ticket to see Wonder Woman and Batgirl mud wrestling.