Major Constituency Turns Their Backs On Democrats: Falling in Love With Trump

While Democrats pander to the small minority of transgenders, they just lost a huge constituency that could cost them big time in this year.

Leo Gerald definitely believes it. He says he has tried to swing the Democrats his way for thirty years but he now sees a huge constituency that has been solid blue for many many moons. They may now be about to be turned deep red.

You see, Leo Gerald is the president of the United Steel Workers union. Factories and steel mills all across the country are reopening after years of being shut down due to steel dumping in this country.

Suddenly, they have found that their industry is not dead, it was just put on life support during the Obama error era. Not only does it put them back to work but there are ancillary benefits. The steel mill in Ohio reopening in Lorain plans to produce 100 million tons of steel a year.

Assuming every truck is loaded to full capacity at 45,000 pounds each means that that creates 4,444,444.45 trailers will be needed to haul the steel from just one of the reopening plants. Those workers need to be fed, clothed, need cars and appliances etc etc etc.

It’s the snowball effect. I didn’t even mention all the iron ore that has to be mined and shipped on trucks to the steel mills.

From The Conservative Tribune

During a Thursday interview with the decidedly anti-Trump MSNBC network, the president of United Steelworkers had shockingly positive words to say about Trump and his tariff plan.

“Gerard praised Trump for making it clear he is going to ‘tackle trade deficits’ which he called a ‘wealth transfer’ because they are ‘taking good jobs away,’” reported Real Clear Politics.

It’s not just the votes the Democrats will lose in 2018, it’s also the millions in campaign contributions.

Those may also go to Republicans. Or at least the ones who didn’t express opposition to Trump’s plan.