Mad Dog Mattis Tells Soldiers To Prepare For War With This Country

One thing you can say about Mad Dog Mattis is that he never bluffs and he is the worst man in the world to make an enemy of. So, when he tells you to prepare for war, you prepare for war. general Mattis was at Ft Bragg in North Carolina, giving a speech at the 82nd Airborne Division’s Hall of Heroes, when he spoke to the soldiers and told them that diplomacy only works when there is an overwhelming force behind it, so they should prepare for war on the Korean Peninsula.

He’s right. Think about it for a minute. No country has ever attacked the United States when we were militarily prepared. The War of 1812, WWI and WWII were all started when the US military was at it’s lowest and unprepared.

From The Daily Caller

“My fine young soldiers, the only way our diplomats can speak with authority and be believed is if you’re ready to go,” he said, according to an Associated Press report. Mattis was making a speech at the 82nd Airborne Division’s Hall of Heroes Friday, as he wound up a quick pre-Christmas tour of military bases.

Though he insisted the situation in the Korean Peninsula could be resolved through non-military means, Mattis emphasized that talk is cheap if it isn’t reinforced by the real threat of armed force — especially when “There is very little reason for optimism.”

North Korea is now facing new, harsher sanctions thanks to the fact that both China and Russia have agreed to them. Liberals are arguing against the sanctions because they say it will only hurt the citizens of North Korea, but they are ignoring the fact that Kim Jong-Un has never taken care of his people and instead put most of the country’s resources into it’s nuclear and missile programs. If you really want to help the North Kprean people, you need to eliminate Kim.

There are currently 28,000 US soldiers stationed in South Korea and if war breaks out that won’t be nearly enough. The president and Mattis have moved crucial US assets into the area and can wage an air war with what we have now. Moving more troops into Korea will be easy once we have established control of the air.

Kim says he isn’t afraid of the United States but he would be wise to fear the Mad Dog.

 “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f*#k with me, I’ll kill you all.”

(San Diego Union Tribune)