Louie Gohmert On The Warpath; Sets Sights On Possible Mueller / Clinton Collusion

Louie Gohmert is on the warpath again and once again he is spot on the money… literally this time.

He says that Robert Mueller should be fired and investigated for covering up the fact that Hillary Clinton collected $145 million dollars for her vote giving the Russians 20% of our uranium. If both Hillary and Mueller really believe that the Russians are so dangerous, why did Hillary sell out to them and why did Mueller say it wouldn’t damage our national security and then cover up Hillary’s big payout?

Something is not quite right. Did Hillary and Mueller collude with the Russians over Uranium One? We need a special prosecutor.

From The Gateway Pundit

When asked if Mueller deserves to be fired, Rep Gohmert (R-TX) did not hold back.

“There is nobody in America that needs firing more than Mueller,” Gohmert said.

“He needs not only to be fired, he needs to be investigated for his part in helping the Clinton Foundation make $145 million from the sale of Uranium when nobody knew more than Mueller did about the investigation, about the Russian efforts to get our Uranium. He participated. He needs to be the target, not investigating,” Gohmert continued.

Gohmert also called for Rosenstein to be fired and investigated.

“We need the appointment of a second counsel to investigate Comey and his leaks, Mueller and Rosentein,” Gohmert concluded.

Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller are all connected to the Uranium One scandal and apparently the Deep State has something on AG Jeff Sessions that has left him neutered.

Were the Russians not as dangerous when Obama was president and Mueller headed the FBI? Or was the money just too good to pass up?

From Newsweek

Before the deal was brokered in 2009, the FBI under Robert Mueller—who is now special counsel in the Russia investigation into potential collusion with the Trump campaign—had begun an investigation into corruption and extortion by senior managers of a company owned by the Russian government’s nuclear company, Rosatom.

According to court filings revealed by The Hill Tuesday, in 2009 the FBI found enough evidence to suggest Vadim Mikerin, who headed the Rosatom subsidiary Tenex, was corrupt and high-level officials at Rosatom knew about his bribery scheme.

In 2014, he pled guilty in a U.S. court case to orchestrating more than $2 million in bribe payments through shadowy accounts in Cyprus, Latvia, and Switzerland.

Mueller is too conflicted to lead this investigation.