London Bridge Knife Attacker Was Convicted Terrorist Who Was Let Out Of Prison On Automatic Parole

Usman Khan, the perpetrator behind the most recent London Bridge stabbings that killed two and wounded three others, is a previously tried and convicted terrorist. He was convicted in 2012 was part of the plot to attack the American Embassy, The London Stock Exchange and to assassinate Boris Johnson who was then the mayor of London. Although he was sentenced to sixteen years for his crimes, he was released after just six years due to an automatic parole.

To add insult to injury, one man who was attacked and almost killed has been put on a watch list by British authorities who said the man could become anti-Muslim. The guilty gets released from prison and the innocent could go to prison if he looks at an Islamic terrorist the wrong way. Aren’t you glad we kicked those bozos out of this country 236 years ago?

Even though he received an automatic parole, the sentence was open ended and they could have held him as long as they thought he was a danger to society. So, we have to ask for what reason did they feel Khan was no longer a threat?

From The Daily Wire

Khan, along with two co-conspirators, was at first given an indeterminate sentence that would have allowed for authorities to keep him behind bars indefinitely if they thought he posed a risk to the public. But that ruling was later quashed and he was given a 16-year sentence, then released after only eight years.

Backlash was swift. “The former head of Britain’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office, Chris Phillips, said it is wrong to ask police and security services to keep the country safe while letting people out of prison when they are still a threat,” the AP wrote.

“We’re playing Russian roulette with people’s lives, letting convicted, known, radicalized jihadi criminals walk about our streets,” he said.