Liberals Latest Chicken Little Warning Fails to Materialize

credit: Gage Skidmore

It seems like every week the liberals and the media (That was rather redundant don’t you think?) find some other way that President Trump is about to destroy America. But considering the liberal’s history, Trump could never be more than a rank amateur compared to them. The latest scare was that the world was about to catch fire because President Trump recognized Jerusalem , a city the Jews have occupied for the past 3,000 years as it’s capital. Forget the fact that the last 3 presidents all promised to do the same thing but then discovered they lacked the cojones to do it and Michelle refused to let Barack borrow hers.

Where are all the riots? The dead bodies littering the streets? It’s true that some people tried to organize mass riots but no one showed up. The truth is the ordinary every day Palestinian have been resigned to the fact. And why not? Israel has never denied Muslims access to their religious areas except during uprisings. Arabs living in Israel can vote or run for office just like any other citizen and are afforded the same protection as any other Israeli citizen. If the shoes were reversed, do you think we would see the same thing?

What is surprising is that the New York Times (NYT) that ran an editorial predicting doom and gloom are now admitting they are wrong.

From The Daily Caller

One of the reasons behind the embassy move, according to Trump, was to communicate to the Palestinians that threats of violence over any policy change will no longer deter U.S. interests in the region. According to one individual interviewed by The Times, the Palestinians might be learning this lesson:

The response has been more of a part-time simulation of an uprising, almost by appointment. A few thousand protesters have turned out at familiar friction points in the West Bank or along the Gaza border on the designated “Days of Rage” called for by the political factions. Other days, hardly anybody has shown up.

“It’s not that people don’t want to stand up for their rights,” said Samar Salah, 25, a Muslim student from a nearby village who had come to Bethlehem with her friends to see the Christmas decorations. “But there are never any results 

The funny thing is that the president’s decisive action may have the opposite effect liberals predicted. Think about it. Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama all were afraid that the Palestinians would participate in mass violence every time they were threatened. Trump’s tough stance knocked that myth right off from the front pages. The key is to act and not react.