Liberals Go Out of Their Minds After DOJ Reopens Hillary Email Case

Liberals are losing their mind over reports that the DOJ has reopened the Hillary email investigation after the disclosure about the classified emails that ended up on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The DOJ wants to know the actual amount of classified documents that were on Hillary’s server, how it was moved around and who did the moving and how.

Huma Abedin is likely to be a main target after Judicial Watch finally had their FOIA request on the emails on Weiner’s computer. Several of them wee classified and it is illegal to move the emails onto the unprotected computer. Twitter has erupted with liberal idiots who seem to forget about Bill and Hillary. Their inane tweets will keep you laughing for hours.

From the Gateway Pundit

Twitter erupted after a report surfaced that Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin forwarded State Department passwords and sensitive information to her Yahoo email accounts.

The President subsequently hammered Crooked Hillary and Comey and called for Huma Abedin to be jailed. He also asked the Justice Department to “finally act” on Comey.

The liberals are going ballistic because their Queen Hillary is being investigated for real crimes she committed.

The left-wing clown who passes himself off as a writer Kurt Eichenwald completely blew a gasket. He went on a crazy tweetstorm, but we decided to only embed 3 out of 15 of his tweets. You get the point.

Here is why Eichenwald is an idiot. First of all, there is plenty of evidence that the investigation was fixed. Second of all he says it requires intent. FALSE. The Espionage Act makes provisions for people who are grossly negligent in handling classified material. Each count can earn you ten years in prison. Thirdly, and I don’t expect Eichenwald to know this because it is in the constitution, that President Trump can order the DOJ to investigate any legitimate complaint of corruption.

Really using the levers of government? Does he mean like Hillary ordering the FBI to investigate and prosecute Billy Dale so she could give Bill’s cousin the WH travel office? Or Bill or Hillary ordering the IRS to audit every single accuser of Bill’s? None of them committed a crime, Hillary did.

Other hack liberal writers chimed in:

Listen, if Hillary didn’t want to do the time, why did she commit the crime?