FINALLY! Lawsuit Filed Against Antifa and Others Over Violence and Rioting

I’ll bet when the city of Berkeley and the University of California now regret allowing Antifa to run wild in their protests. A lawsuit has been filed naming  UC Berkeley, UCPD, Berkeley PD, the city of Berkeley, two of the assailants that they were able to identify — Ian Dabney Miller and Raha Mirabdal, President of the University of California Janet Napolitano and others over the rioting and assaults that took place back in February.

The mayor of Berkeley, CA, Jesse Arreguin, allegedly ordered SWAT and campus police to stand down. Police and SWAT teams stood by while Antifa attacked Trump supporters with shovels and pepper spray. The mayor was a participant in Occupy and BLM protests. He is also a member of BAMN. (By Any Means Necessary)

The lawsuit reads in part:

“By their failure to intervene or employ reasonable tactical methods to ensure the safety of the Plaintiffs and the public, government actors conducted their official duties with deliberate indifference to the Plaintiffs’ safety, permitting hordes of violent rioters to swarm the university campus in a violent rage. By their failure, government actors are thus responsible for creating and exposing Plaintiffs to known and obvious danger.”

The rioting caused $100,000 to the campus and another $400 to $500 thousand dollars to the city area surrounding the campus.

From The Gateway Pundit

One of the victims, John Jennings was brutally attacked by a masked man who struck him in the temple with a stick during the mayhem. His wife, Katrina Redelsheimer, rushed to his aid and they were both attacked by a mob of five of six people who pushed Jennings to the ground and began kicking him. The mob of black-clad rioters then began attacking the couple with pepper spray and sticks, leaving them with severe injuries including concussions, broken ribs and burn welts on the skin from the chemical irritants.

Miller, the first assailant who is named, is an employee of UC Berkeley and member of the communist political group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).  He was identified after tweeting a photo of himself standing over Jennings captioned with “hey come get your boy. He got ROCKED #miloatcal.”

The second rioter who was named in the suit, Mirabdal, is a nurse at Oakland Children’s Hospital. She is also a member of BAMN. She is accused of beating Jennings while he lay unconscious on the ground as well as a couple of other assaults. In 2005, the FBI identified BAMN as domestic terrorists.

More from the Gateway Pundit:

As Hatch and his friends made their way over to the student center for the event, they were approached and surrounded by a group of anarchists in black bloc attire.

Hatch “observed one of the demonstrators strike Plaintiff Redelsheimer with a flagpole. Then, without notice or provocation, a demonstrator hit him with pepper spray directly in his eyes. Plaintiff Hatch ripped off his glasses and with eyes burning was instantly blinded. He experienced intense burning to his face and eyes. As he leaned over a barricade, he took blows from someone hitting him in the back with a flagpole. He managed to climb over a barricade, but was trapped in between barricades configured to form a triangle,” the lawsuit states.

Plaintiffs are anxious to receive discovery in which the city and the university as well as the mayor and Napolitano will have to explain who ordered the stand down and why.