WE THE PEOPLE Support Trump If He Chooses To Investigate FBI

A recent poll found that 49% of all Americans polled want a special prosecutor to look into corruption at the FBI. Only 31% (All Democrats?) do not.

That’s problematic since Attorney General Jeff Sessions prefers investigations to nowhere. It’s way past time for him to resign. He stood by and allowed a special prosecutor to investigate the mythical collusion between Russia and Trump but has refused to name special prosecutors in the myriad cases of Democratic corruption that has surfaced, for which there is actual evidence.

Failing to get him to resign, we should find out what Hillary and the DNC are paying him and offer him double.

The poll finds that most Americans disagree with Comey’s assertion that the FBI must remain untouchable by Congress or the people no matter how corrupt they become and believe me Comey knows corrupt. He practiced it at the FBI himself. He has the same attitude as any other two bit dictator that needs a corrupt force to stay in power. Comey has defenders in the lamestream press and the Democrats in Washington but the problem he has is that the American people are paying attention.

This due largely to the collusion witch hunt, the Democrats shutting government down for illegal aliens and the Democrat’s false propaganda on Trump tax cuts as well as a booming economy which is what the Democrats said would never happen using Trump’s policies.

From Breitbart

About a year after President Trump fired Comey, we now know that Comey’s tenure resulted in the kind of partisan behavior that resembles the secret police, including the indefensible exoneration of Hillary Clinton over her email scandal, a “secret society” to bring down Trump, an “insurance plan” should Trump win the election, and a partnership with the Clinton campaign to fund a discredited dossier that was used to justify the FISA warrants so the Obama administration could spy on the Trump campaign.

Worse still, as we have just learned, the FBI has somehow managed to disappear five crucial months’ worth of texts between Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, two top FBI officials directly involved in Hillary Clinton’s exoneration, the Russian dossier, the phony collusion investigation, the “secret society,” and the “insurance policy.”

As far as the missing 5 months of text messages are concerned, 31% say it was an honest mistake, which coincidentally is the exact number that oppose a special counsel and a whopping 58% say it was done on purpose.