Joy Behar Of ‘The View’ Says Trump Rallies Are Full Of Paid Actors (VIDEO)

Joy Behar is hitting the crack pipe pretty hard these days. She is now saying that President Trump has to pay people to come to his rallies. Did he also pay 63 million people to vote for him? Back in 2016, we heard pretty much the same thing and the NYT and the ladies of the View both thought Hillary was going to win by historical numbers. How did that turn out? Behar also claimed that Trump will lose  Florida in 2020 because he moved there and that would make people hate him. I guess I would be grouchy too if I faced the prospect of entering the 2020 election with the selection of clowns the Democrats have.

News Busters reports:

Joy Behar: Trump Thinks His Voters Are Stupid; Rallies Are Fake, Full of Paid Actors

Just when you think things can’t get any more ridiculous on The View, the hosts spend time whining the President’s son’s Halloween costume is insensitive to animals. On Friday’s show, they also complained about a 2020 Trump campaign ad, which Joy Behar declared was full of paid actors “just like the ones who go to his rallies.”…

Afterwards, all of the hosts, saved for Miami resident Ana Navarro, cheered President Trump’s decision to move his home residence to Florida. Behar actually thought this would hurt President Trump, because New Yorkers didn’t like Trump so that meant Floridians wouldn’t either when he moved there, because #logic:

“When he lived in New York, New York did not vote for him. Now they’re going to get to know him a lot in Florida, they will not vote for him there either!” she gushed. The hosts went on to trash a 2020 Trump campaign ad against impeachment.

“There was not one black woman in that ad!” Hostin gushed, repeating “They couldn’t pay a black actress, enough money to be in it!”

Joy Behar claimed the ad was fake just like the people who go to his rallies: “To me that says that the Republican party thinks that their constituents are stupid because it says nothing. Those are all paid actors just like the ones who go to his rally.”

Watch the video (link here)