‘It Was Clearly Criminal’: How A Massachusetts Judge Allegedly Helped An Illegal Alien Escape ICE

A Massachusetts Judge has been indicted for aiding and abetting an illegal alien to escape from an ICE agent.  Shelley Joseph, a Newton District Court judge was charged with obstruction of justice after she made the ICE agent wait outside in the lobby, then helped the illegal alien slip out the back door to freedom. She was offered a plea deal to avoid prosecution but she turned it down. The case could take years to resolve and she might be hoping a Democrat wins in 2020 and drops the charges against her that might endanger her law licence and her job.

The case is causing quite a stir in Massachusetts, but she obviously broke the law. It’s one thing not to cooperate with federal authorities but it is something very different to actively work against them. Federal -prosecutors say there is no doubt her actions were criminal and if President Trump gets reelected, Joseph could regret her decision to turn down the plea deal. She could go to prison, get disbarred and thrown off the bench. Joseph also broke Massachusetts law when she ordered the clerk to turn off the recording device as she gave instructions to set the illegal free through the back door.

From The Daily Caller

During a sidebar conference between Joseph, Medina-Perez’s defense attorney and the assistant district attorney, the three agreed that he was not the one wanted in Pennsylvania, and all agreed to release him. However, the defense attorney interjected during the conversation, noting that an ICE officer was waiting for Medina-Perez outside and would be apprehended. At that moment, Joseph asked the clerk to switch the courtroom recorder off — an apparent move to conceal the conversation and a direct violation of Massachusetts courtroom rules, according to the indictment.

When the recording came back on, the three agreed to release the illegal alien. However, instead of letting Medina-Perez out through the courtroom lobby, which is what’s typically done, the judge allegedly instructed him to be released through the rear exit, which leads to a parking lot. This order was never relayed over to the ICE officer, who waited in the lobby for hours.