INCREDIBLE: High School Bans This as ‘Outdated and Racially Insensitive’

High schools and colleges are always banning something that they consider racist like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

So, it should come as no surprise that a school would ban anything that you and I laugh about, but they take seriously. Must be all that white guilt over their racist and white supremacist souls. My conscience is clear, so I don’t have that problem. But what this Ramon, California high school has banned as racist is beyond the pale.

So what did they ban? The National Anthem. They will probably replace it with the Nationale.

Many people of color have fought and died for our flag and this country and this is as big or an even bigger slight on them. Even during WWII, blacks fought valiantly for this country even though the country treated them like dirt.

The Tuskegee Airmen come to mind. Those redtails could really fly and they never lost a single bomber they were protecting. That is unbelievable.

These men served under the flag and salute every single day they served. Today black Americans or how I like to refer to them, Americans, serve with distinction and they fight and die for this country and they deserve all the respect we can give them.

From The Blaze

Senior Amir Udler told the school paper that he could not support the decision to remove the anthem.

“It comes from a very disrespectful place,” Udler said. “[Leadership] said it was in the name of ‘exclusivity,’ but in reality, [leadership] is disenfranchising the vast majority of the school who loves the country, and who thinks the anthem should be played.”

Todd Starnes, a Fox News opinion columnist and radio host, suggested that his listeners contact the school board with their concerns.

“Where are the grownups in charge of this public school?” he incredulously asked.

Ever since the communistic progressive took over our schools, they have tried to tear down the rights of those who actually love this country. I suggest that the school officials who are opposed to the anthem and of America should find a country that lives up to their ideals.

Might I suggest North Korea?