Impeach Lindsey Graham…Call Witnesses, Embarrass Democrats for Months n Impeachment Trial

Lindsey Graham says he plans on ending the impeachment trial before it even begins. If he does that every Democrat in Congress should send him thank you cards. What would happen if it were handled that way. Between now and next November, Democrats would run campaign ads saying that Republicans could not dispute the charges against the president and that they know he is guilty.

Here’s a better way to go. Americans are already sick of the Democrats phony impeachment hearings in which they offered only one material witness, Gordon Sondland and he has been branded a liar by Ukrainian officials. So, let’s have a full blown trial with actual material witnesses who will dismantle the Democratic case for impeachment.

Call in as witnesses the whistleblower, Viktor Shokin, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Alexandra Chalupa. Prove to the American voter that what the House Democrats refer to as conspiracy theories are indeed fact. But don’t rush it. Drag it out. The Democrats love the Chinese, so let’s turn the trial into death by a thousand cuts, an ancient Chinese torture.

From The Gateway Pundit

Mark Levin told Sean Hannity last night that either Trump and Republicans SLAM THIS DOWN on Democrats NOW — Or Republicans will continue to face this type of demonic harassment over and over by these lawless Democrats.

The Trump White House reportedly wants to drag out the impeachment hearings in the US Senate.
Make Democrats OWN this attempted coup.
Make Americans aware of their criminal conduct!
And Make Americans hate how Democrats are using this process to destroy this president and this nation of laws!

Ed Henry: They think inside the White House the case is falling apart. So, Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler are trying to rush this through so they can pivot back to jobs or whatever issue they’re going to try to talk about. When the president and some of his advisors are saying in private, “Wait a second. Let’s let them own this thing.” So if it gets to the senate why rush it through?… The president and some of his advisors are saying no, let’s call some witnesses and drag this thing out. Make Democrats own it, number one. And, number two, get a full acquittal and not just a motion to dismiss which might be just a small potato. Go for the full acquittal.