I’m Really Starting To Think David Hogg Has NO IDEA What He’s Doing

David Hogg is trying to prolong his fifteen minutes of fame to crusade on another liberal talking point. Voter identification. He claims that voter identification is just a way to suppress the vote of poor Americans.

So what did he write about it? Nothing actually, instead he posted a “fact sheet” from the ACLU. The idea that the poor don’t have IDs is ludicrous on its face.

Do the poor get food stamps? HUD? HEAP, Welfare? Medicaid? What do all of these programs have in common? You have to have a photo ID to collect them. No ID, no benefits.

Where else are you required to produce an ID to exercise your rights? Registration to buy a gun for one. To petition the government. Right to assemble. Right to marry. Freedom of movement. Use of public accommodations.  I recently went to an IRS office to just pick up a form to help complete my taxes. I had to show ID, empty all of my pockets and allow a complete search with a wand before I could pick up a single page form. You need ID to board a plane or to enter a courthouse.

So, why not for voting?

“Politicians: Yeah let’s make it easier to vote. Politicians Also: Wait let’s require voters to have id so we can suppress the vote of the people so I can get reelected via a system that disproportionately effects people of color and the poor! Smh”

What does voter ID have to do with the battle against guns? Nothing. What is becoming increasingly apparent is that liberals plan on using this wet behind the ears kid to advance their agenda.

That is why they don’t allow him to go anywhere that he might face questioning on his statements or beliefs. It’s too hard to script because they won’t know the questions, so they can’t feed him the answers.

“Listen I support the security of our election but not when it uses a system that suppresses the American’s vote and voice”

When confronted with the use of ID to access other rights, Hogg went blank. He is not an activist, he’s a stooge.