Illinois Democratic Senator Resigns Amid Federal Corruption, Bribery Probe

In a letter to the Secretary of the Senate, State Sen. Martin Sandoval said his resignation would be effective Jan. 1. Sandoval is just the latest Illinois Democrat to be outed for public corruption and bribery. Both his home and his offices were raided by federal authorities in an evidence gathering operation. He is accused of playing games with concrete and construction businesses and accepting bribes.

This is especially alarming as he played a major role in the spending of $41.5 billion for new construction authorized by the state legislature. Authorities are also looking into ties Sandoval has with a power company. The raids were followed up by police action in the Illinois towns of  McCook, Lyons and Summit, all of which were represented by Sandoval.

Gov JB Pritzker has been demanding that Sandoval resign for the past two months. He was alarmed over the $41.5 billion construction bill that Sandoval was largely responsible for implementing. He was afraid the state wasn’t getting the biggest bang for their bucks if bribes and kickbacks were involved.

From Fox News

The raid was also followed by federal law enforcement actions in the towns of McCook, Lyons and Summit — all of which are part of Sandoval’s district, according to reports from The Journal Gazzett & Times Courier and The Chicago Tribune.

The move comes after two months of pressure by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker and other state leaders who demanded Sandoval step down as chairman of the Transportation Committee. Pritzker expressed concern about the state’s $41.5 billion construction program, in which Sandoval had a leading role last spring.

Local news outlets previously reported federal agents also went to Bluff City Materials, a Bartlett sand and gravel operation owned by a major Sandoval donor and that his connections to Commonwealth Edison, where his daughter, Angie, has worked as a senior representative for years.

Sandoval has represented the 11th District since 2003.