Illegal Alien Rams Her Car Into a Daycare…Judge Releases Her, She Disappears

A federal judge released an illegal alien, who rammed her car into a daycare center seriously injuring one of the teachers. She was released on the ridiculous bail of two hundred and fifty dollars. The Marion County Indiana police did not notify ICE of her release and now she has disappeared where she can once again make victims of American citizens with the full approval of the Democratic party. Funny how the NRA who have never attacked a daycare center can be considered a danger to our kids but someone who drives her car into a daycare center isn’t based on her illegal immigration status.

Juana Loa-Nunez was arrested on May 7 for ramming her car into a daycare center then fleeing. From that action alone , Judge Sarah Evans Barker  should have recognized her as a flight risk. Yet she set Nunez’d bail at only $250 dollars. That is nonsensical on the face of it. Even worse is that she is out on the streets endangering more lives.

From Breitbart News

“Judge Sarah Evans Barker has ruled that ICE must provide a criminal warrant or a criminal probable cause affidavit for the County to detain undocumented individuals. ICE failed to provide such documentation, despite receiving timely notice. Thus, ICE allowed this individual to go free,” the sheriff’s department retorted in a release of its own.

The sheriff’s department added that immigration is a federal matter and not an Indiana law enforcement issue and noted that if ICE has a problem, it should take it up with Judge Barker, a Ronald Reagan appointee who has been on the bench since 1984.

Loa-Nunez posted a $250 cash bond on May 10 and then disappeared, according to reports.

 Pastor James Jackson told the media that he is shocked by the light treatment the woman received after driving into the daycare run by his church. Would an American citizen been given such a low bail? I think not.