IG Says He Found no Political Bias But Admits it Could Have There

Hardly anyone is mentioning it but many pundits and Democrats have said that the IG report shows there was no political bias in the FBI investigating Donald Trump. But under questioning, IG Michael Horowitz testified that political bias may well have been the motivation behind the investigation of Trump.

Horowitz made the distinction that he found no proof of political bias at the beginning of the investigation but in renewing the FISA warrants it gets murkier with acts such as altering a CIA email to make it look like Carter Page was not working with the CIA against Russian intelligence officers.

Here is the exchange between Horowitz and Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy:

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) asked Horowitz, “Is it correct that you found no evidence that the investigation was motivated by anti-Trump or political bias, is that correct?”

“We found no evidence that the initiation of the investigation was motivated by political bias,” Horowitz answered before quickly adding, “It gets murkier — the question gets more challenging, senator, when you get to the FISA and when you get to the attorney’s actions, for example, in connection with that FISA.”

From The Daily Wire

During an exchange with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, Horowitz revealed that political bias could not be ruled out as a reason why the FBI engaged in numerous instances of misconduct against the Trump campaign.

“They have a duty to report to their supervisors and the court exculpatory information?” Graham asked.

“Absolutely,” Horowitz answered.

“They did not?” Graham asked.

“They did not,” Horowitz replied.

“Why?” Graham asked.

“That’s the question I can’t specifically answer for you,” Horowitz answered.

“Can you say it wasn’t because of political bias?” Graham asked.

“On decisions regarding those FISA matters, I do not know their state of mind at this point,” Horowitz responded.