IG Sets Sights On Andrew McCabe And Things Are Heating Up!

Dirty cop Andrew McCabe is in the news again as it becomes known that he authorized leaks to the press and then misled investigators about those leaks. The final report from Inspector General Horowitz will be released sometime in march or April.

  • DOJ’s internal watchdog to criticize former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe
  • McCabe authorized leaks to the media, according to new reports
  • The former deputy director also reportedly misled watchdog investigators about the media disclosures
  • McCabe stepped down from his position in January

From The Daily Caller

The Department of Justice’s internal watchdog will criticize former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for authorizing leaks to the media and giving misleading statements to investigators about doing so, according to two new reports.

McCabe, 49, authorized FBI officials to speak to the media for articles prior to the 2016 election, including one about an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to a report being prepared by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

The FBI No. 2 also misled watchdog investigators when they initially asked about the media disclosures, according to The Washington Post.

McCabe was forced to resign after FBI director confronted him with findings from IG Horowitz’s investigation. His official retirement begins sometime in March and he is eligible for a pension worth close to $2 million dollars. He could lose that if charged and convicted of crimes associated with his time at the FBI.

One of the leaks that McCabe authorized was one on the divisions within the FBI on the Clinton Foundation investigation. Some people within the FBI claims that McCabe gave the stand down order in that probe. Some supporters of McCabe say that rather than trying to end the investigation, e was just trying to make sure the investigation wasn’t stopped. That claim holds no water considering how he tried to stifle the email investigation and it’s exoneration of Hillary.

He also says that in lying to investigators that it was not his intention. Yeah, I buy that excuse….not.